Week in Review: Climate Crisis, Cali Recall, liberal cowardice re cop reform.

Scott’s and Bob’s 2nd The Week in Review (if you have an idea for a snappier name, please email us) show is up. We began by briefly mentioning a few notable events from these dates–the Attica uprising, the coup in Chile, and the 9/11/01 attacks.

Then Scott in particular griped and ranted about the climate crisis–with flooding in both New Orleans and New York–and wildfired, and about the failure of a lot of left environmental groups to take effective action. After that, we had some fun talking about the California (Scott’s home state) recall, where the corporatist Gavin Newsom needs to stay in office , as bad as he is, because his main opponent is an African-American who believes in reparations……..for slave owners, as well as being a Trump clone who might end up appointing a U.S. senator.

Finally, Bob got in a good rant about liberal fear and weakness led them to run away from Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police even though those issues were popular in the fall of 2020, and then blame advocates of Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police when they did badly in the elections of 2020. Lot going on here, so please subscribe to the Green and Red YouTube channel and follow us on all other social media. Have a great weekend too.


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