Minnesota Police Blocking Release of Info on Pipeline Protests w/ Will Parrish and Charlotte Grubb

Indigenous women led movements have continued to disrupt the  construction of Canadian oil giant Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 pipeline with over a thousand arrested. Police have escalated in a multitude of ways (felony charges, high bails, rubber bullets, tear gas, etc) against water protecting pipeline opponents.

Listen here: https://bit.ly/Line3CopsGandR

We know through the bold investigative journalism of The Intercept that Enbridge has created a fund through the Minnesota Public Utilities  Commission to finance local and state police for pipeline security. The company and state collusion has essentially privatized the police for a  Canadian oil company. The journalism has been so embarrassing for Enbridge and the state of Minnesota that they’ve been begun to erect  barriers to release of public information.

We talk with investigative reporter Will Parrish and researcher Charlotte Grubb about this.

Will Parrish (@willparrishca)  is an investigative reporter whose work  is rooted in tradition of muckraking journalism.  His reporting appears  in The Intercept, The Guardian, The Nation, East Bay Express,  Counterpunch, Shadowproof, and other online and print venues.

Charlotte Grubb (@CharlotteGrubb) is a freelance researcher, writer and climate justice organizer. Her work focuses on stopping fossil fuel  projects and creating a just transition that centers decolonization and  building power outside of state institutions. She is currently based in  New Mexico.


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