Doing Miami’s Dirty Work (Wittingly or Not): Responding to “New Politics”

cross-posted from Afflict the Comfortable

by Bob Buzzanco

A few days ago, the self-described socialist magazine New Politics put out an editorial, penned by Lois Weiner and Daniel Fischer, titled “NP on Cuba: Consistent Oppostion to US Imperialism and Support of Democratic Rights.”  The image attached to the editorial was a Green and Red Podcast Facebook post that I had put up featuring an article by Greg Shupak  titled “Solidarity With Cuba More Important Than Ever,” and I indelicately finished my post by writing “Viva Cuba and F**k You to New Politics and other jargon-laden ‘leftists’ who are on the wrong side of history.”

It wasn’t the first time either I or the Green and Red Podcast had specifically endorsed articles or essays in support of the Cuban people and the Cuban state amid a 60-year war of aggression coming from the United States and more specifically after a series of protests in Cuba on July 11th that many self-described leftists supported.

Minnesota Police Blocking Release of Info on Pipeline Protests w/ Will Parrish and Charlotte Grubb

Indigenous women led movements have continued to disrupt the  construction of Canadian oil giant Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 pipeline with over a thousand arrested. Police have escalated in a multitude of ways (felony charges, high bails, rubber bullets, tear gas, etc) against water protecting pipeline opponents.

Listen here: