From Tunisia to Glasgow: Demanding A Phase Out of Polluters & Plastic at COP26 with Yasmine Ben Miloud

Our coverage at #COP26 in Glasgow continues. In our latest interview, Scott talks with Yasmine Ben Miloud with Zero Waste Tunisia.

They talk about the climate and zero waste movements in her home country of Tunisia. And then discuss her thoughts on COP 26, this includes efforts around breaking free from plastic, demanding that polluters be not allowed at the climate talks and the heavy corporate presence (particularly Unilever) at the climate talks.

Yasmine is the president of Zero Waste Tunisia. She is a young climate negotiator and a climate change consultant dedicated to making grassroot changes at the policy level.

ZERO WASTE Tunisia is a member of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) (@GAIANoBurn). It was was established in 2014, the organization strives to promote sustainable practices and to create zero waste communities through educating, engaging and empowering the different actors of the ecosystem. Zero Waste Tunisia aims to advocate throughout Tunisia to preserve the environment. We’ll be having more voices from Glasgow joining us this week. Please continue to check us out and SHARE.


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