Full Audio Episode: Climate, Forests and Corporate Power at COP26

New audio version of our recent coverage from Glasgow.

The UN Climate Summit in Glasgow (COP26) is in its second week. It’s been marked by large street protests, a “greenwash trade show” inside the meetings and empty promises by world leaders in the face of climate disaster. Green and Red focuses on movements and what’s happening in the streets, so we’ll be talking more with organizers and “outside voices” in Glasgow than you’ll hear from mainstream media channels.

Listen in: https://bit.ly/Glasgow4GandR

Bob’s off on assignment, so Scott’s been on top of our Glasgow coverage. He starts with an update with Matt Leonard (@MattOakland) from the Oil and Gas Action Network (@oil_action). Matt’s been there for a couple of weeks supporting street actions targeting world leaders like Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, as well as fossil fuel execs and Wall Street bankers wining and dining their way through the climate talks. He talked about reactions and moods of people there, people powered street actions, global climate politics, the role of corporations at COP26 and greenwashing.

Scott then gets an update from Emma Rae Lierley (@EmmaRaeLierley) with Rainforest Action Network (@RAN). They discussed Saturday’s march and the invisibilization of Indigenous leadership and delegations by the media. They also discussed the (empty) pledge by world leaders to stop deforestation by 2030, the role of reactionary countries such as Brazil and Indonesia and the importance of Indigenous land and forest defenders in stopping deforestation and climate crises.  Finally, they also talked about corporations at COP26, public relations strategies, greenwashing and “Net Zero by 2050.”

We’ll be having more voices from Glasgow joining us this week. Please continue to check us out here and on our YouTube channel for more updates.


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