Why The Democrats Won’t Save Us in Virginia, Buffalo or Glasgow

It’s a liberal bashing kinda day!

Bob and Scott talk about the state of the Democrats in the wake of the Virginia, New Jersey and Buffalo elections.  They talk about how the Democrats continue to act like it’s 1993 and put up tired old Clinton hacks like Terry McAuliffe and ex-Goldman bankers like Phil Murphy and expect things to be different. Furthermore, they undermine democratic socialists like India Walton in the Buffalo mayor’s race and blame woke politics, defund the police, medicare for all, the Green New Deal, etc when things don’t go their way.

Listen in: bit.ly/DemSalvationGandR

In Glasgow, it’s even more of the same liberal slight of hand, as Obama and Kerry play up the “climate action” rhetoric when both have built long careers on keeping the fossil fuel sector afloat. Obama was in the White House for eight years with climate movements sitting in on his front doorstep, fighting pipelines in Texas, fracking in New York and coal mining in Appalachia and did NOTHING. Scott has more than a few gripes about this.

We then get into how autonomous movements, using direct action and organizing, defy powers that be in the corporate suites, Washington DC and, the “leadership” of their own movements. We discuss the John Deere strike and a recent disruption of Sen. Amy Klobuchar by Stop Line 3 protestors as examples of disruption and resistance to the powers that be.

Finally, we wrap with a “Love’em they’re liberals” segment about Nancy Pelosi officiating billionaire’s weddings in San Francisco City Hall (true story).

Love them they’re liberals!  And they ain’t doing nothing for us!


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