COP26: Why the Climate Movement Needs Even More Direct Action w/ Rising Tide North America

In our final interview from COP 26 in Glasgow, Scott welcomes Lisa Winter and (welcomes back) Alex Cohen with Rising Tide North America (@risingtideNA) to Green and Red. The three of them have a lively discussion about direct action and mass disruption to meet the scale and urgency of the climate crisis from COP to frontline battles around the world.

Listen in:

They reflect on mass actions in Seattle in 1999 and Quebec in 2001 in the era of anti-corporate globalization, and more recent mass disruptions and uprisings around Standing Rock, Line 3 and after the police murder of George Floyd.

Lisa and Alex also traveled through Germany and give Scott an update on the Ende Gelande campaign against coal there. A place where mass participatory action has created disruption against the coal sector.

Finally, Alex gives us an update on DAPL saboteur Jessica Reznicek. Jessica has recently been sentence to 8 years in federal prison for sabotage actions against the Dakota Acess Pipeline in 2016. We talked with Alex in August about Jessica’s case.

Alex and Lisa are climate justice organizers with Rising Tide North America. Both are based in St. Louis. Alex also works with the Support Jessica Reznicek team.


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