Why Oliver Stone and “JFK Revisited” are Full of S**t!

Why Oliver Stone and “JFK Revisited” are Full of S**t!

Oliver Stone’s new documentary “JFK Revisited” have been hitting the airwaves of late claiming to have a “smoking gun” about the assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK). Stone and his team of assassinologists main thesis is that the military-industrial complex conspired to have JFK killed because Kennedy was a secret dove and wanted to pull the troops out of Vietnam, end the Cold War and splinter the Central Intelligence Agency into a thousand pieces.

Scott interviews G&R co-host, author and professor of history Bob Buzzanco about Kennedy era foreign and military policy disproving the claims of Stone and his films.

Bob also challenges Oliver Stone or any of his team of assassinologists to a debate on the facts of this thesis. We doubt they’ll respond, but if they do, you’ll hear it on the Green and Red Podcast.

Robert Buzzanco is co-host of the Green and Red Podcast, a professor of history at the University of Houston, and has been a visiting professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Buzzanco was the recipient of the Stuart L. Bernath Book and Lecture Prizes, given by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, for his book Masters of War: Military Dissent and Politics in the Vietnam Era and as best emerging scholar, and a Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Houston. He’s also the author of “Vietnam and the Transformation of American Life,” “American Power, American People,” and co-editor, with Marilyn Young, of Blackwell’s “A Companion to the Vietnam War.”

Outro is “High Hopes” (John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign Song) by the Chairman of the Board.


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