Oliver Stone’s JFK Conspiracy: The Buzzanco-DiEugenio Debate

Oliver Stone’s JFK Conspiracy: The Buzzanco-DiEugenio Debate

Recently G&R co-host and award-winning historian Bob Buzzanco debated Oliver Stone’s writer on his documentary “JFK Revisited,” James DiEugenio, about Stone’s theory that the “deep state” had JFK killed because he was going to withdraw from Vietnam, thaw relations with Castro, and end the Cold War.

Listen in: https://apple.co/3DRb37h

They discussed Kennedy’s actual policies as president, his aggressive actions in Vietnam and Cuba, his continued imperial approach to Latin America, his tough approach to the Soviet Union.  They also discussed the minutae of Oswald and the Warren Report, the “scenery” and “parlor games,” in Stone’s own words, of the JFK assassination.

In this debate, Buzzanco makes the important points that people need to look at the evidence, the documents and archives of what Kennedy actually did, rather than anecdotes and stories told long after the fact.

The Left needs to organize and engage in political action, not become obsessed with alleged heroes killed long ago. It’s also worth noting that those often evoking the deep state conspiracy mostly rely on deep state agencies to provide them with their “smoking gun.”

Thanks to Aaron Good and American Exception podcast for hosting this important debate.

Special thanks to James DiEugenio for helping us grow the Green and Red audience! ; )




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