UC Strike Enters Third Week, Banner Action at the Cal-UCLA Football Game w/ Adrian Wilson

The University of California (UC) academic worker strike entered its third week this week. The largest academic worker in U.S. history and the administration shows no signs of moving on demands. Pickets and walk outs have continued across the ten UC campuses. At the Cal-UCLA game on Friday in Berkeley, an independent group of strikers hung a massive banner off of two flag poles during the game.

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Scott talks with Adrian Wilson (@circleadrian), a striking UC graduate student-worker about the banner action and the strike.

There is Power in a Union As Thousands of Academic Workers Set to Strike in California

Over 36,000 academic workers across the University of California’s 10-campus system held a strike authorization vote. The vote passed with nearly 98% approval. The strike will begin on November 14th. Workers are demanding include increased compensation, access to sustainable transportation, more childcare assistance, and increased job security.

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Scott talks with Galen Liang, a grad student and UAW 2865 member to get an update on the looming strike.

Punching Left: Why the Democrats Suck, part 2, and R.I.P. Mike Davis

The Democratic Party is about to get pummeled in the mid-term elections next week. Scott and Bob followed up on their recent discussion with Noam Chomsky on the devolution of the Democrats and their abandonment of working class issues since the 1970s (see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2Ngm…) by discussing the their failure to offer up a real resistance to the Republicans.

Listen in:

We take a historical approach–talking about the GOP-stolen election of 2000 and the Democrat’s failure to fight in Florida when Bush had people in the streets and Gore rejected any suggestion to have similar protests. We talk about the failure of Barack Obama to help anyone win office other than himself and point out that the Democratic Party suffered huge losses in state races through the Obama years.