Punching Left: Why the Democrats Suck, part 2, and R.I.P. Mike Davis

Punching Left: Why the Democrats Suck, part 2, and R.I.P. Mike Davis

The Democratic Party is about to get pummeled in the mid-term elections next week. Scott and Bob followed up on their recent discussion with Noam Chomsky on the devolution of the Democrats and their abandonment of working class issues since the 1970s (see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2Ngm…) by discussing the their failure to offer up a real resistance to the Republicans.

Listen in:

We take a historical approach–talking about the GOP-stolen election of 2000 and the Democrat’s failure to fight in Florida when Bush had people in the streets and Gore rejected any suggestion to have similar protests. We talk about the failure of Barack Obama to help anyone win office other than himself and point out that the Democratic Party suffered huge losses in state races through the Obama years.

We also talked about the weak and timid responses to the GOP’s attacks on the Democrats emphasizing the Crime and Inflation issues. And of course we discussed the way the Democratic Establishment punches left, blaming Sanders, The Squad, the Greens, and others while never taking responsibility for their own failures.

And we finish by paying tribute to the great Mike Davis.



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