Media Release: “New JFK Assassination Files Reveal Nothing New”

Media Release: “New JFK Assassination Files Reveal Nothing New”

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“New JFK Assassination Files Reveal Nothing New”

The National Archives has just released another collection of records association with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and journalist Jefferson Morley and others have made claims that it provides striking new information about a conspiracy to kill the president.  That is not the case.  Other than giving a bit more detail about the actions of the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, the new collections provide no new information and certainly no “smoking gun” about the episode.

Still the claims of conspiracy theorists, led by journalists like Morley and filmmaker Oliver Stone, persist.  Scholar and History Professor Robert Buzzanco has been at the forefront of debunking their claims, pointing out that JFK was not an enemy of the military and intelligence communities, whom the conspiracy theorists claim devised the plan to kill the president, and there is no compelling evidence of any plot to kill him.  Even then, huge numbers of Americans continue to be swayed by the idea that a conspiracy was hatched to kill JFK.

The continued belief in conspiracy theories prevents Americans from understanding the reality of Kennedy’s presidency, distracts us from the reality of U.S. policies in Vietnam, Cuba, and elsewhere during the JFK years, and distorts our history.


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Robert Buzzanco is an award-winning history professor specializing in U.S. foreign policy and the Vietnam War and is co-host of the “Green and Red Podcast,” which focused on politics and history.  He also has spoken and written extensively about JFK and his assassination, see below.


Green and Red episodes discussing the JFK assassination conspiracies:




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