Introducing Scrappy Sunday . . . Green & Red Riffs on the World

Introducing Scrappy Sunday . . . Green & Red Riffs on the World
A protester stands in front of a giant inflatable Donald Trump rat in front of Fox News Headquarters on January 6, 2022 in New York, to mark the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol in Washington, DC. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS / AFP) (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s Sunday so grab your coffee and paper, and sit down for the newest feature from the Green & Red Media Empire . . . Scrappy Sunday.

We can’t cover all the stuff we want to talk about in the podcast so Scott and I sat down to discuss, in our own snarky way, some of the big stories out there that we all should know about. And we get in our share of liberal- bashing and some great impressions of Donald J. “Indicated” Trump and Bernie Sanders.

We begin w/ Scott riffing on the sordid case of Steven Donziger, where Chevron abused the justice system to get a decision overturned, the lawyer for indigenous people was disbarred, and only 2 conservatives on the Supreme Court held for Donziger. Then we discuss the way that policing has to be analyzed in a more nuanced way–sure cops commit racial violence all the time, but they do more that that and we use the example of high-profile young African American athletes literally getting away w/ murder because of their class privilege while other young Black men languish behind bars.

We also discuss the way big cities, like Houston, are engaged in a war against the homeless (not homelessness), the continued war in Ukraine and the way “socialists” support it (i.e. New Politics is really a group of NATO Liberals), and a lot more.

So hope you enjoy this Sunday feature which we’ll be doing on a regular basis (regular, as in when we get around to it) from now on . . . .



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