Memorial Day w/ antiwar veteran Henri from the “Fortress on a Hill” Podcast

Memorial Day w/ antiwar veteran Henri from the “Fortress on a Hill” Podcast

he U.S. is synonymous with forever wars and empire. U.S. troops sit in 70% of the world’s nations on about 800 bases. Culturally, we’re taught that this necessary and we shouldn’t question it and the state sponsors tributes like Memorial Day to “thank the troops for their service” but which really give people a reason to have picnics and blow off fireworks.

Listen in:

In our Memorial Day episode, we dive deep into Bush and Cheney’s wars in the Middle East in a fascinating discussion w/antiwar vet Henri Henrikson, (@henrihateswar). We discussed his deployment and time in war zones in the Middle East, what he witnessed there, how he evolved politically to become an antiwar activist and counter-recruiter, military propaganda in films, and what he thinks Memorial Day should mean. It’s a great, moving interview with a dedicated vet and activist.

Bio// Chris ‘Henri’ Henrikson (He/Him/His) is an Iraq war veteran from Portland, OR. He deployed in support of Operation Noble Eagle at the Pentagon following 9/11 and served two tours in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. A former MP team leader, Henri also served two years as a CID drug investigator. Now a journalist, podcaster, writer, and especially anti-war activist, Henri no longer supports the lies of imperialism or the PR spin of the politicians, wherever the source. He seeks to make common cause with anyone tired of jingoistic-driven death from the American war machine and a desire to protect the innocents of the earth, no matter their origin. Except Alex Jones. Fuck that guy.



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