“Chile’s 9/11.” Fifty Years After the Coup w/ Dr. Rodrigo Acuña and Dr. Clinton Fernandes

“Chile’s 9/11.” Fifty Years After the Coup w/ Dr. Rodrigo Acuña and Dr. Clinton Fernandes

The Other 9/11″ occurred 50 years ago, a military-organized coup against the Socialist President of Chile Salvador Allende, with the support of U.S. and Australian operatives.

Listen in: https://apple.co/3PvSWey

In a fantastic discussion we talked with two authorities on the topic, Rodrigo Acuña and Clinton Ferdandes, who discussed the background of the U.S. role in Latin America in the Cold War, the background of Allende’s political career and his election to the presidency, his efforts to change the Chilean economy, and the big role that the U.S. and Australian officials played in fostering the anti-Allende opposition and conducting the coup on 9/11/73.


Clinton Fernandes is a professor of international and political studies at the University of New South Wales in Canberra, Australia, part of the Australian Defence Force Academy. His work is primarily concerned with Australia’s national security, in particular intelligence matters and Australia’s relations with its Southeast Asian neighbors. He is author of many books including most recently “Subimperial Power: Australia in the International Arena.”

Rodrigo Acuña (@rodrigoac7) works as an independent journalist on Latin America and for the NSW Department of Education. He is the host of Alborada’s Indestructible Podcast (@IndestructPod). He has been writing on Latin American politics for close to twenty years.

The outro is “Noam Chomsky Reading Salvador Allende’s Last Words”


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