Biden Will Lose in 2024, and Democrats Will Blame the Left

Biden Will Lose in 2024, and Democrats Will Blame the Left

Joe Biden continues to subsidize and sponsor Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Gaza and ignoring an already huge and growing antiwar movement. Yet the Democrats keep cramming him down the voters’ throats despite abysmal polling numbers. And when he loses, they will blame the Left.

Listen in:

It’s been another terrible week in Gaza with 7,000 killed by Israel’s war crimes. We’re also seeing escalations in eastern Syria and on the Israel-Lebanese border. In the U.S., Zionists are attacking, canceling and getting people with pro-Palestinian politics fired.

But, also, movements all over the world are fighting back. In the Capital, hundreds of anti-Zionist Jews were arrested calling for an end to U.S. support of Israel. In New York’s Grand Central Station, hundreds more were arrested saying “Not in Our Name, Ceasefire Now.”

In the latest Scrappy Sunday, we discuss the ongoing attack and the U.S. and Biden’s complicity in it. We discuss how this further sinks Biden’s chances of re-election in 2024. And we also discuss the failure of progressive Democrats and academics in this moment.


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