Best of G&R: Cuban Missile Crisis at 61. Was JFK really hero?

Best of G&R: Cuban Missile Crisis at 61. Was JFK really hero?

61 years ago this month, in October 1962, Americans anxiously heard news for almost two weeks straight about the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba, less than 100 miles away from the U.S. Nuclear War was possible, to some imminent.

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In this encore episode from 2022, we offer a brief history of the Cuban Missile Crisis and, more importantly, a remembrance and reconsideration of the events of October and JFK actions throughout the crisis.

JFK has been praised for his firm resolve, courage, and strength in handling the crisis but the reality is that he was provocative and almost caused a war against Russia. In this episode we’ll start by giving a background on JFK’s aggression toward Cuba, then we’ll offer a brief narrative of the crisis, and finally we’ll discuss how Kennedy continued his subversion against Castro’s government after the Missile Crisis.

JFK was not heroic. His recklessness and need for credibility almost caused a nuclear exchange. The media doesn’t tell you this story. Green and Red does . . .



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