The Importance of Karl Marx w/ Prof. David McNally

David McNally is one of the more important Marxist scholars in the world, and we talked to him today on the anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth–May 5th, 1818.  McNally discussed a wide array of topics, including his introduction to Marxist thought, important texts to use to discover Marx’s writings, the importance of Marx’s concept of “alienated labor,” his formulation of class struggle, and why democracy is essential to socialism.

Listen in:

We also discussed the history of Marx’s influence in European politics and how Americans came to discover Marx in the late 19th Century. And we finished with a discussion of why Marx remains relevant today and why Marxism is seeing a resurgence.

Green and Red. Week in Review. AOC at the Met Gala, General Mark Milley and “Justice for J6”

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“AOC’s gown. Mark Milley stands his ground. Right-wing crazies coming to town.”

It’s time for G&R (Griping and Ranting)’s Week in Review.

In this new episode, we talk about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” emblazoned wardrobe at the Met Gala and how protest gets commodified and co-opted (but we’re not too harsh on AOC). And then we show a special behind the scenes video clip of Mitch McConnell and Republican Senators at their own Toga Gala.

Swipe Left on the Democrats and Electoral Politics

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They’re Just Not That Into You


There are currently two feuds dominating the Left—Jimmy Dore vs. AOC  in “The Brawl Over Medicare-for-All” and various segments of the Left vs. The Squad on its vote to re-elect Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

If you want/need better evidence of the futility of the Left, it would be hard to find.  There’s a huge ongoing dispute over whether “The Squad,” a group of about 6 elected officials (hell, throw Sanders and Markey in there and make it 8) out of 535, should force Congress to have a vote on socialized medicine to put everyone on the record, and another argument over whether to vote against the incumbent (and politically inept) speaker of the house.  Social media is still in in an uproar over these issues with “support AOC” and “The Squad is dead to me” opinions seeming to alternate in frequency and intensity.