Green and Red. Week in Review. AOC at the Met Gala, General Mark Milley and “Justice for J6”

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“AOC’s gown. Mark Milley stands his ground. Right-wing crazies coming to town.”

It’s time for G&R (Griping and Ranting)’s Week in Review.

In this new episode, we talk about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” emblazoned wardrobe at the Met Gala and how protest gets commodified and co-opted (but we’re not too harsh on AOC). And then we show a special behind the scenes video clip of Mitch McConnell and Republican Senators at their own Toga Gala.

We discuss the new revelations that Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, took pro-active steps to prevent Donald Trump from starting a war in the final days of his administration, a theme that G&R has been emphasizing since early 2020, when hysterical Lefties were claiming Trump and the military were going to pull off a “coup.”

And since, Scott is visiting Washington D.C. this week, we talk about the Justice for J6 rally happening there and how it’s all a big set up to make Trump look bad. And of course we get in our obligatory digs at the Democrats, “The Washington Generals of Politics.”

And we give a shout out to the great Roberto Clemente, who was honored by Major League Baseball this week, and we talked about the way he’s inspired generations of Latin American ballplayers and his support for Curt Flood in his Supreme Court challenge to MLB.

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