The Ruling Class v. Donald J. Trump Redux. The FBI “visits” Mar-A-Lago and Trump’s war with his Generals.

No more Panic Porn!

Many/most liberals and much of the left has been panicking and in fear over “fascism” and “coups” for the past couple years–we call it “panic porn”–but Green & Red has been analyzing the objective conditions set by the ruling class and have been pointing out that key elements of the elite who run America, especially in the military and Wall Street, opposed Trump and would stop him–which they did.

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This week excerpts from a new book, “The Divider,” have confirmed what Bob and Scott were talking about since 2020 (see episodes below)–that the military was wary of Trump and making plans to thwart his efforts during the George Floyd uprisings and the election steal. At the same time the 1/6 Commission and FBI are closing in on Trump as well, and much of the GOP establishment will be happy to see him taken down.

Green and Red. Week in Review. AOC at the Met Gala, General Mark Milley and “Justice for J6”

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“AOC’s gown. Mark Milley stands his ground. Right-wing crazies coming to town.”

It’s time for G&R (Griping and Ranting)’s Week in Review.

In this new episode, we talk about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” emblazoned wardrobe at the Met Gala and how protest gets commodified and co-opted (but we’re not too harsh on AOC). And then we show a special behind the scenes video clip of Mitch McConnell and Republican Senators at their own Toga Gala.