Week in Review: Milley’s Politics , Manchin & Sinema, Remembering Sissy Farenthold, and more

TGRIF–Thank Green & Red It’s Friday!

In our latest Week in Review, we open with a shout out to “Soul Train,” which debuted on October 2d, 1971, and remembered the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1st 1949.

Then we paid homage to Texas fighting liberal and feminist Sissy Farenthold, the first woman to run for governor of Texas and whom we had the honor of knowing and organizing with in the early 2000s in Houston.

And we updated a couple of our past guests. We gave a shout of congratulations to our friend Stiv Wilson for winning an Emmy this week for “The Story of Plastic” (see episode 27) and a shout out of solidarity to Suzanne Jones for filing a lawsuit against Collin College’s right-wing anti-intellectual GOP-aligned administration (episode 69).

We then talked about the big story this week, General Mark Milley’s appearance before Congress and his alleged role in anti-Trump political actions, a theme we’ve long covered on G&R (episode 22).

Finally, in our new, and soon to be regular, segment titled “Love them, they’re liberals,” we GR’d, griped and ranted, about Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s dark ride for the American ruling class.


** The Military vs. Donald J. Trump. Generals Tell Trump to “Stand Down!”(https://apple.co/3cDUso8)

**The End of the Age of Plastic w/ Stiv Wilson (https://bit.ly/PlasticGandR)
**Professors fired from Collin College, Retaliation in Texas (https://bit.ly/TXFiredGandR)
**Frances ‘Sissy’ Farenthold, lodestar for Texas liberals, dies at 94 (https://wapo.st/39WxHga)


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