Oz as a Sub-Imperial Power: Prof Clinton Fernandes on Australia’s support of the U.S. Empire

In our second discussion with Professor Clinton Fernandes from the University of New South Wales in Canberra, Australia, which is part of  the Australian Defence Force Academy, we talked about the new Australian  deal to buy subs from the U.S., and the larger role of Australia as a “sub-Imperial” country, not powerful in its own right so much as a  supportive nation for American efforts in the Pacific.

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Outro music is “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” by the Pogues.

A Very Secretive Democracy: Prof. Clinton Fernandes on Australia’s Role in Pinochet’s Coup in Chile

We talked with Clinton Fernandes, professor at University of New South  Wales in Canberra, Australia, which is part of the Australian Defence  Force Academy, about his role in getting documents showing Australia’s  role in the 9/11/73 coup in Chile to depose Salvador Allende.

Listen in:https://bit.ly/OzChileGandR

He talked  about the background to the coup, Australia’s role in supporting  American policies, and his efforts to get the documents showing those  links. Outro music is Manzina’s “En Para.”

The Best Political Movies of All Time (Part 1)!

Green & Red Goes Hollywood!

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At Green and Red, we’re big fans of popular culture and how it can politicize and radicalize people.  We’ve already done shows on sports and activism, progressive Country music, cancel culture, Socialism and the Sopranos and other such themes. So…..in an upcoming arc, we’re  going to talk about our favorite political/radical films, television and music.

Mother Earth Doesn’t Negotiate. On the Rights of Nature w/ Pennie Opal Plant & Shannon Biggs

In Cochabamba Bolivia in 2011, tens of thousands were present on Mother  Earth Day as the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth was  declared in response to the “privatization” of nature by the corporate  state. This was in alignment with Indigenous worldviews that have  accelerated the development of rights of nature law.  Both Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as numerous local jurisdictions, have amended their  constitutions to include a “rights of nature.”

Listen in: https://bit.ly/NatureGandR

In this episode, we talk with Pennie Opal Plant (@PennieOpal) and  Shannon Biggs (@ShannonKBiggs), co-founders of Movement Rights  (@movementrights), about the growing movement around the rights of  nature. We discuss the legal, political and cultural aspects of the growing rights of nature movement. We also discuss the recent news that oil has begun to flow through  Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline after 8 years of resistance, the Indigenous  rights movement and the climate movements in the U.S. and globally.