The Best Political Movies of All Time (Part 1)!

Green & Red Goes Hollywood!

Listen in:

At Green and Red, we’re big fans of popular culture and how it can politicize and radicalize people.  We’ve already done shows on sports and activism, progressive Country music, cancel culture, Socialism and the Sopranos and other such themes. So… an upcoming arc, we’re  going to talk about our favorite political/radical films, television and music.

We begin with our list of Classic films, some of the movies that have had an impact on Scott and me, and others, as part of our cultural-cum-political education, and that we’d consider essential. Then we discuss what we call “Bank Robbers and Anti-Heroes,” where we cite films that expressed the way capitalism makes people desperate and how they often respond outside the law.

We next talked about “Cold War Satire and Red Scare” movies, films which  deal with the domestic side of McCarthyism and cultural conformity, and  then we end part 1 with one of our favorite categories–“70s Political  Thrillers,” movies made in the aftermath of Vietnam and Watergate which  showed how disillusioned, and legitimately paranoid, Americans had  become after the traumas of war and domestic scandal.


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