Leave the Gun, Take the Podcast: “The Godfather at 50” and its political meaning

“The Godfather” movies are on the short list of the most consequential American films ever, not just for their cinematic quality but because they’ve become a textbook for politics as well. In this episode Scott and Bob celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the release of the movie with a discussion of the way the movie is a deep analysis of American capitalism and politics.

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We talk about the way Don Corleone wielded power, the relationship between the mob and “legitimate” businesses, the attempt to break into the Cuban market, the Corleone influence in Las Vegas, and so much more.

Prof. Alex Vitale on Politics and Policing

For many years, black and brown Americans living in cities, towns and rural areas across the nation have rightfully been afraid of uniformed  officers. Far too often, police officers engage in indefensible violence against the very people they are supposed to serve and protect.

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The long arm (and brutal violence) of the law also extends to homeless populations, the mentally ill, sex workers, people facing eviction, protestors, workers on strike and many others. This is a result of the emergence of the new Gilded Age brought on by austerity and ever-widening economic gaps.

We talk with Professor Alex Vitale (@avitale) at Brooklyn College about policing in our current state of affairs. We discuss the need for police, how liberal politicians continue to support the police (as well  large numbers of rank and file Democrats, according to polls) and the influence and role of police unions.  We also get into the “Defund the Police” movement, the backlash against it, the war on drugs, gun control and how the current debate around police is effected by rising homicide rates.

Johnny Cash’s Politics, w/ historian Michael Stewart Foley

*Citizen Cash: The Political Life of Johnny Cash* is a fantastic new  book by Michael Stewart Foley, and we sat down and talked to him all about it.  This is a must-listen, must-see episode.

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We talked about Cash’s upbringing in the depression and how the New Deal helped his family and led him to develop a “politics of empathy.”  We  discussed his views on race, and especially his “Blood, Sweat, and  Tears” album.

Celebrating “America’s greatest intellectual” Noam Chomsky

Cited as “America’s greatest intellectual,” Noam Chomsky is know for his deep critique of the ruling class and his role in supporting movements fighting it. As Chris Hedges has said he “makes the powerful, as well as their liberal apologists, deeply uncomfortable.”

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December 7th is Noam’s 93rd birthday and we are celebrating him with this new segment and sharing our past episodes about and with him all week.

The Best Political Movies of All Time (Part 1)!

Green & Red Goes Hollywood!

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At Green and Red, we’re big fans of popular culture and how it can politicize and radicalize people.  We’ve already done shows on sports and activism, progressive Country music, cancel culture, Socialism and the Sopranos and other such themes. So…..in an upcoming arc, we’re  going to talk about our favorite political/radical films, television and music.

“looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit…” Politics on Campus w/ Bill Troveski from The Way Podcas‪t‬

In this episode we talk politics and podcasting with Bill Troveski from The Way Podcast.

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Students for a Democratic Society said in the Port Huron statement, “looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit…”  We discuss the current version of that discomfort that today’s students and youth are inheriting as the pandemic, economic collapse, the climate crisis and political crisis are all crashing down. With Bill, we discuss politics on campus at the University of Connecticut (where he’s currently a student), issues of student debt, the work force, climate change, healthcare and more.