A Very Secretive Democracy: Prof. Clinton Fernandes on Australia’s Role in Pinochet’s Coup in Chile

We talked with Clinton Fernandes, professor at University of New South  Wales in Canberra, Australia, which is part of the Australian Defence  Force Academy, about his role in getting documents showing Australia’s  role in the 9/11/73 coup in Chile to depose Salvador Allende.

Listen in:https://bit.ly/OzChileGandR

He talked  about the background to the coup, Australia’s role in supporting  American policies, and his efforts to get the documents showing those  links. Outro music is Manzina’s “En Para.”


  • Challenge to declassify documents on Australia’s involvement in  Pinochet coup continues in secret (https://bit.ly/3pd0SVq)
  • Guardian: Declassified documents show Australia assisted CIA in coup against Chile’s Salvador Allende (https://bit.ly/3lOWcTg)

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