Celebrating “America’s greatest intellectual” Noam Chomsky

Cited as “America’s greatest intellectual,” Noam Chomsky is know for his deep critique of the ruling class and his role in supporting movements fighting it. As Chris Hedges has said he “makes the powerful, as well as their liberal apologists, deeply uncomfortable.”

Listen in: https://bit.ly/ChomskyBdayGandR

December 7th is Noam’s 93rd birthday and we are celebrating him with this new segment and sharing our past episodes about and with him all week.

In this new episode, Scott and Bob speak about the impact that Chomsky has had on our own academic and political work.  We also talk about how it’s been a recent trend in the left media universe to attack Chomsky.  But, we note, that those irrelevant hipster podcasters and YouTubers won’t be remembered in a hundred years, but, of course, Noam Chomsky will be.

We talked with Noam Chomsky in June about the legacy of 1960s radicalism, Black Lives Matter, Gaza and identity politics. And then talked with Prof Clinton Fernandes last year about Chomsky’s life of dissent.

So, please enjoy. And Happy Birthday Noam Chomsky!


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