Leslie James Pickering on the ELF, the Green Scare and “Burning Books”

Leslie James Pickering on the ELF, the Green Scare and “Burning Books”

From the 1980s through the 2000s, there was a period of growth in militant environmental and animal rights movements. This movement had a radical anti-capitalist politic that went after corporations waging war on the earth, people and animals. It’s escalating tactics included property destruction and arson. In response, industry, government and the FBI worked to crack down on these radical movements.

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This movement needed voices. Leslie James Pickering (@lesliejamespick) was one of a few that worked with the Earth Liberation Front Press (ELF) Office to communicate the message of the anonymous actors engaged in these strategies and tactics to the larger world.

In our latest episode, we speak with Leslie James Pickering about his story of supporting radical environmentalists and, in particular, the Earth Liberation Front. We also discuss how the FBI continued to target him long after his ELF press office days. We also talk about how he sees movements around ecology and climate today. And his work at Burning Books creating radical politics, education and infrastructure in Buffalo, NY.

Leslie is the former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front Press Office, a 20-year target of the FBI, an author and co-owner of Burning Books (@BurningBooks).


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